Case Examples

Clinical Negligence

After suffering sudden temporary blindness in his right eye and loss of control of his right arm, Mr L booked an appointment at his GP’s surgery but was told by his doctor he had nothing to worry about and that the occurrence was most likely a one-off. Following the visit to his GP, Mr L continued to suffer problems with his eyes and also found he was suffering periods of disorientation and confusion.

Mr L’s condition continued to worsen and whilst at work one day suffered total blindness for 40 minutes and loss of control in his left arm. He was taken to his local A&E where he was examined by several specialists, none of whom acknowledged any problem which might be causing Mr L’s symptoms.

After returning home Mr L suffered another period of temporary blindness, this time lasting around 20 minutes. Concerned for his health Mr L booked another appointment to see his GP the following the day. After another examination the GP on duty was unable to identify any problem and recommended Mr L book an appointment with a local optician. The optician subsequently told Mr L that there were no problems with his eyes.

Still very concerned, Mr L booked an appointment to see a specialist at another local hospital. 2 days before his scheduled appointment Mr L suffered a very serious stroke which meant he was hospitalised for over two months.

With the help of Blackwater Law’s specialist clinical negligence team, Mr L was awarded a significant sum after making a claim in the High Court for damages and losses arising from the failure of numerous doctors to realise he was showing classic symptoms of the onset of a stroke.

“Great service all round.” – Mr L

Accident at work

Mr B, a lorry driver from Essex, won a £100,000 settlement from his employer (a logistics company) when he suffered significant injuries as a result of falling 13 feet from the trailer of his lorry whilst attempting to secure the vehicle’s heavy load of concrete slabs.

Accident at school

Miss C, a student, received £65,000 in compensation for significant dental injuries she sustained when a floor mat placed by a main entrance to her school caused her to trip and strike her face hard on the doors in front of her. Miss C’s dental injuries were such that they required treatment spanning a number of years.

Road traffic accident

Miss B was a minor when she was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing, suffering significant injury to her knee. At aged 19 she was still experiencing on-going pain due to the injury to her cruciate ligament and was told she would require a knee replacement in the near future. Despite the defendant denying liability Blackwater Law took Miss B’ case to trial. Before the case got to trial the defendant offered £50,000 but eventually agreed to pay £70,000.

Public liability

Miss B stayed in a Hotel for several days whilst on a work related trip. After the first night Miss B felt ill and nauseous but by the second morning she had difficulty breathing, was coughing and felt very unwell. After reporting this to hotel staff they confirmed there was ammonia gas leaking from a discarded fridge which had been left in the wardrobe. The defendant’s insurer denied liability but after Blackwater Law issued proceedings they offered to settle the claim for £26,000.

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“Anna Woolf’s persistent nature when dealing with the defendant’s insurance company and encouragement when it came to pursuing the correct amount in compensation was excellent. Once again, a big thank you to Anna and all involved with my case.”

Mr. H, London

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