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The Importance of Health and Safety

We’ve all heard of Health and Safety; it’s something that everyone, whether they’re an employee, employer or self-employed, knows the basic of at the very least. However, not many people know what Health and Safety involves, or what they as employees are to expect from their employers.

Care Home Support Workers Jailed

A Panorama investigation into cases of care home negligence at Winterbourne View care home has seen six care home support workers jailed. A total of 38 charges of abuse and neglect were admitted by the 11 care workers arrested, where patients suffered serious negligence and abuse at the hands of the people that were supposed to have cared for them.

As well as the six who have been jailed for their part in the suffering and neglect endured by patients at the care home owned by Castlebeck, another five workers were given suspended sentences for acts of abuse. The sentences given to those convicted ranged from 20 months to six months in jail.

Several warnings were made to the Care Quality Commission by an outside whistle blower, but sadly these were not acted upon.  Had the warning been taken seriously in the first place the long endured suffering of the patients could have been brought to a stop far sooner.

Mr Casey, a journalist was offered a job at Winterbourne View after an informer who was a former nurse at the home, went to the BBC after his grievances to care home owners Castlebeck and care watchdogs were disregarded and not acted upon.

The undercover footage of the care home negligence that was recorded by the BBC showed shocking images of abuse and neglect towards the residents of the care home.  The film showed residents being slapped, soaked in water, trapped under chairs, taunted, sworn at and having their hair pulled, eyes poked and being illegally restrained. It was highlighted that had the BBC not investigated the care home, the abuse would have remained largely undiscovered and would still be continuing.

The families of the neglected and abused patients are seeking compensation from the owner of Winterbourne View, Castlebeck, for negligence caused by some of the staff. Castlebeck commented that changes in management and at board level had been made and that other measures had been put in place to ensure something like this would not happen again.

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Head Injuries Linked to Soldiers with PTSD

Findings of a study carried out on war veterans suggest minor brain injuries suffered by army personnel whilst on a tour of duty may contribute to them developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other psychological conditions.

Army personnel more likely to develop PTSD than those in the Navy or RAF

A government report has recognised that those men and women serving with the Army or Marines are far more likely to develop psychological illnesses such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) compared with those serving in the RAF or Navy.

Treatment for PTSD sufferers is inadequate says top psychologist

Awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is improving in the UK but one of the country’s top psychologists argues those suffering from PTSD are still not receiving the treatment they need.

Bikers in Accidents are Entitled to Compensation

Accidents and injuries are very high proportionally among motorcyclists than they are for drivers of other road vehicles. But many incidents involving motorcyclists do not end up being pursued in an accident claims court because a number of contributing factors deter bikers from pursuing their legal entitlement in this way.