Failed Sterilisation Compensation

Sterilisation can be the best solution for couples who decide that they don’t want any more children. Nonetheless, the process is not always effective. A failed sterilisation can be the result of a regrown sperm duct or fallopian tubes – both natural occurrences that people are warned about before the surgery occurs – but clinical negligence can also be a common cause. We can help you to attain the failed sterilisation compensation you deserve.

Reasons for Failure

Sterilisation can be caused by clinical negligence if a part of the body like a ligament is cut but the patient is not told about it. Sterilisation methods today usually involve Filshie clips being applied to each of the fallopian tubes. Many cases of negligence have been brought forward after the clips were not fastened properly during surgery. Sometimes, this error is not discovered until sterilisation is repeated and earlier mistakes are identified by independent professionals. As so many failed procedures have taken place in the past, photographs are often taken of the clips in place and added to the patient’s medical record.

Was it Negligence?

Experts say that if a pregnancy results soon after “sterilisation”, chances are that this is because of the tubes not being fastened properly. If the pregnancy occurs long after, this is most likely due to natural regrowth. When a pregnancy occurs after a failed sterilisation, all kinds of emotional trauma can occur. Even if you do decide to go ahead with the pregnancy, you may find the costs of bringing a new child into the world to be troubling. Compensation is also designed to offset the emotional and physical pain of a failed operation as well as loss of earnings.

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If you suspect or know that you have been the victim of a failed sterilisation, you can contact Blackwater Law today for help and advice. We will help you to collect as much evidence as you need to support your claim and will discuss your situation with you in-depth before deciding whether it is worth you moving forward with a claim. We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis to remove the financial risk from a claim and will always keep you updated on how your case is developing. There are strict time limits when it comes to clinical negligence claims, so it is worth getting in touch as soon as you can if you feel that you do have a case. At Blackwater Law, we always talk to our clients in simplified language to give them a better understanding of how things are progressing. Get in touch today if you wish to discuss failed sterilisation compensation.

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