Laser Eye Surgery Claims

Whilst the vast majority of laser eye procedures end well, some people do find themselves faced with a whole new series of problems after undergoing the surgery. If you have found yourself dissatisfied with the outcome of laser eye surgery, you can get in touch with the medical negligence experts at Blackwater Law in order to seek the justice that you deserve. We have worked on a huge variety of eye surgery cases in the past, such as cataract surgery and retinal detachment claims and always endeavour to go the extra mile to get the largest amount of compensation possible for our clients. Call today if you interested in discussing a laser eye surgery claim.

The Risks of Surgery

Laser eye surgery goes by many names, including Lasik and PRK. It is an increasingly popular sight correction technique and involves a laser being used to change the shape of the cornea – the transparent part of the eye covering the iris and pupil. When the outcome is positive, people no longer need to use spectacles – or can at least reduce their reliance on them. The surgery is usually carried out privately. Though outcomes are generally positive, negative results can occur and these can include the eyes becoming overly dry or permanently damaged. Astigmatisms can result and night vision can be affected too. There are certain pre-operative checks that surgeons can make to heighten the chances of surgery being successful, but many problems have arisen when these checks weren’t made.

Covering the Costs

The amount of laser eye surgery compensation that you stand to be awarded is based on a series of factors. These factors include the nature of the problem, how adverse the results were, the level of lost earnings suffered and whether the resulting illness is long or short-term in nature. Your compensation may cover the emotional and physical costs incurred, any treatments that you need to pay for including counselling and any adaptations made to your home due to your illness. You may also be paid for any travel expenses that you might need to make in order to put things right as well as any treatments undertaken to reverse the effects of the botched work.

Talk To Our Legal Experts

Our specialist medical lawyers have worked on many different laser eye surgery claims and have the experience and expertise needed to help you fight for the justice that you deserve. Call us today and we’ll talk to you in depth about your claim before informing you of our decision. If we think you have a case and can present us with as much evidence as possible to support your claim, we’ll get the ball rolling straight away.

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