130 Vehicle Collision Leaves Dozens Injured

A series of collisions in Kent involving in excess of 130 vehicles has left dozens of people in varying states of injury.

The incidents occurred on the A249 Sheppey crossing, and have been attributed to the thick fog that reduced the visibility levels to dangerously low levels of as little as 10-20 yards. Eye witnesses have related the “horrendous” nature of the accidents, with some accounts declaring that the crashes took place over a continuous 10 minute timeframe.

The initial contacts took place where oncoming traffic was moving away from the Sittingbourne bridge, a 1.25 km long four lane crossing point that connects Sheppey to mainland Kent. However, the eventual chain of subsequent collisions stretched far away from the source, reaching back to Queenborough and the northbound carriageway.

Preliminary reports suggested that as many as 200 people had been hurt amid the impacts, but later figures have revised that total to closer to 60, with only 8 individuals now said to be suffering from serious injuries such as head injury claims. The people in question have been taken to a number of different hospitals in order to receive the appropriate levels of treatment.

Chief Inspector Andy Reeves has stated that many undamaged vehicles were trapped between the tangles of crashed motorists, and has acknowledged that the inclement weather conditions were the most likely cause behind the crash that has been described as “domino like”. The MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey, Gordon Henderson, has claimed that he has previously expressed his concerns over the available lighting on the bridge, and it is expected that further questions are going to be asked of the relevant authorities.

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