£40 million Funding Awarded To Help Veterans Of Military Accidents

The huge fines that some high street banks have had to pay out due to the LIBOR scandal are being put to good use and have been set aside to improve or build further accommodation for UK veterans who have been wounded in military accidents that have greatly impacted on their day-to-day lives.

Charities were invited to bid for money in order to build or improve accommodation for those military personnel who have been injured and require adapted accommodation in order to lead more independent lives. The Prime Minister, David Cameron said “one of the greatest worries for our troops when they are wounded or injured is how they and their families will continue with daily life. We should do all we can to take away those worries by providing them with the specialist help and support they need to continue to live their lives, and these projects will help to deliver that.”

The charities that have been fortunate enough to benefit from the funding are:

  • Haig Housing Trust who have been awarded £8.6 million to increase the accommodation available in South London and Edinburgh which will help a further 416 veterans and their families per year
  • a partnership between Riverside ECHG, Haig Housing Trust and Stoll who have secured £6 million to supply 65 units of temporary, supported and independent accommodation in Colchester
  • Blink Veterans UK in partnership with BLESMA have won £1.25 million to create five purpose built apartments, in Llandudno Wales, for vulnerable veterans with sight and/or limb loss which will help them to live more independently
  • RAF Benevolent Fund have been awarded £400,000 to make significant changes to the kitchens and gardens in the homes of 20 wheelchair-dependent, lifetime disabled veterans and their families; and
  • Stoll, who have £240,000 to refurbish 30 bathrooms for disabled and older veterans at the Mansions who need further changes to bathing facilities in order to remain living independently

There are also three further projects that will benefit from a share of £3.2 million that support care home accommodation for veterans.  They are:

  • The Royal British Legion who are using £2.5 million of the funds for a new dementia unit to provide additional, high quality accommodation for up to 30 veterans in Broadstairs, Kent
  • The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust who will benefit from £112,000 for a new House Care and Nursing Home Window Replacement service in Kent to ensure residents are warm and comfortable throughout the year
  • Erskine Care Homes in Scotland who have £550,000 to help improve the quality of the living environment for residents and help meet best practice lighting guidelines for elderly veterans with dementia

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