Coronavirus death in service negligence claims

If your loved one was a key worker in any profession working on the frontline of the coronavirus fight, when they contracted the virus, they may have been the victim of coronavirus negligence.

While the government have introduced a compensation scheme for NHS personnel who have died due to contracting coronavirus, aimed at financially supporting the families of those that have died, other groups of key workers have not yet been advised of a compensation scheme. For many groups of key workers, a compensation scheme is unlikely to be announced. This means you and your family may be unlikely to receive any financial support moving forward.

Coronavirus death in service

Many key workers have been asked to work without Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) or have been placed in vulnerable positions without adequate safety measures being implemented, such as social distancing, protection screens, appropriate masks for nose and mouth or protective eyewear, to name but a few.

Key workers such as shop workers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, train staff, police, firefighters, warehouse workers, teachers, pharmacists, carers and more have all been working throughout this crisis and unfortunately, as reported in the news, some key workers have tragically died after contracting coronavirus, in many instances probably due to working

If a worker were to pass away due to contracting coronavirus and this was more than likely contracted at work or whilst carrying out their work, there may be grounds for the family to make a claim for compensation. However, this will require the help of a specialist medical negligence solicitor, as it will need to be proven that the virus was more likely than not contracted whilst in the course of their employment, amongst other key legal arguments.

Coronavirus negligence claims

If you and your family have suffered the death of a loved one due to coronavirus which they most likely contracted at work or whilst carrying out their work, Blackwater Law can help.

Call our specialist medical negligence lawyers,get free initial advice and find out whether your family may be entitled to claim compensation. It is highly likely that any claim will require further investigation to understand if and how a safety breech occurred.

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