Back injury claims during coronavirus

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all our lives, however fears have been raised about the impact on those suffering with severe back injuries and the potential for back injury compensation claims.

Those with a spinal cord injury have a greater baseline risk of developing respiratory complications due to their altered respiratory track physiology. This places them at a heightened risk of developing complications associated with COVID-19. As a result, many of the services they would usually rely on, have at least, in part been altered to allow for social distancing. This includes the cancellation of elective surgery, home visits and many other care packages in place.

Whilst there are no indicators to suggest that people with back injuries or spinal cord injuries are more likely to catch coronavirus, given that there is potential for them to develop more severe complications it is vital that enough protection is in place by healthcare providers. This includes PPE, following the latest government advice and ensuring other methods and procedures are in place to protect those at most risk. Failure to do so could lead to an increase in back injury claims should this lead to increased suffering.

It is also unknown what the impact has been on those who have recently suffered a serious back injury during the coronavirus pandemic. A delayed diagnosis can have devasting consequences on patient recovery should an insufficient treatment programme have been commenced if the injury was believed to be less serious or if important surgery was not conducted in a timely manner. Back injuries can arise from a number of causes such as road traffic accidents, lifting heavy equipment incorrectly or inadequate/incorrectly performed surgery. Medical negligence solicitors Blackwater Law often see those that have experienced life changing injuries and understand the importance of receiving the correct medical care at the right time.


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