Back Injury Compensation Amounts

If you or a family member has suffered a back injury that wasn’t your fault, Blackwater Law personal injury solicitors can help you secure the optimum back injury compensation amount possible, based on your circumstances.

Understanding exactly how much your back injury claim is potentially worth is one of the most important aspects of any case, as it could mean the difference between a life of physical and financial hardship and the chance to recover comfortably and effectively.

Back injury compensation amounts are largely determined by a number of factors. These relate to the severity of your injury, the consistency and persistence of pain thereafter, whether or not your injury has produced ailments in other areas of your body (such as your neck), the impact on your ability to live a normal day to day life, your ability to work, the nature & extent of treatment necessitated and whether or not continued medication is required to manage symptoms amongst other factors. Where one or more of these factors presents increased difficulties for the victim, it may be that their back injury compensation claim will be awarded a greater compensatory sum.

Compensation for minor back injuries

Even amongst those who have suffered relatively minor injuries, compensation amounts can reach into thousands of pounds. These typically relate to instances where a victim has suffered a serious strain, sprain, disc prolapses or soft tissue injuries, and the duration of symptoms remains the most important factor in determining compensation amounts. That being said, the aforementioned factors can still come into play, meaning minor back injury compensation amounts may fall within one of three potential bands:

  • Victims who made a full recovery within 3 months of their accident can typically expect anywhere up to £1,860 in back injury compensation.
  • Where the victim can achieve a full recovery without surgery within 3 months – 2 years, but may also suffer short term acceleration or exacerbation injuries to pre-existing conditions, back injury compensation can reach between £1,860 and £6,000.
  • If a victim requires 2 – 5 years to make a full recovery or recover from nuisance-level injury, and again suffers short term acceleration / exacerbation injury, their back injury compensation sum could reach between £6,000 and £9,500.

Compensation for moderate back injuries

Where victims sustain more moderate back injuries resulting in the disturbance of muscles or ligaments, producing symptoms that last upwards of 5 years and that are prone to frequent relapses, compensation amounts may be higher.

  • The lower bracket of compensation claim amounts for moderate back injuries stands at between £9,500 and £21.500, largely dependent on patient(s)’ prognoses for the future.
  • Victims who suffer injuries such as compression / crush fracture of the lumbar vertebrae, resulting in persistent, painful, long term symptoms and who may require corrective surgery may receive compensations amounts between £23,210 and £32,420.

Compensation for serious back injuries

The most serious back injuries understandably are likely to be awarded much higher compensation amounts. These may relate to instances of partial or total disability on a long term basis.

  • Where symptoms such as discomfort, impaired sexual function, mental illness, difficulty gaining employment and the risk of arthritis remain despite treatment (including surgery) victims may expect to receive between £29,475 to £53,000 in back injury compensation
  • In the most serious cases of back injury where the victim suffers damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots resulting in paralysis and / or impaired bodily function, compensation amounts can reach between £69,200 to £122,350

Whatever the nature of your back injuries, it’s important to remember that the amounts set out in this article relate to the compensation amounts you may receive purely for your injury and its immediate aftereffects. As your personal injury lawyer will explain at the point of enquiry, the actual amount you receive could be significantly more in order to help you deal with future financial losses.

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