Blackwater Law launches Focus on Birth Injury campaign

Medical negligence solicitors, Blackwater Law has today launched a marketing campaign focused on reinforcing its knowledge and expertise in managing birth injury compensation claims.

The Blackwater Law team specialises in medical negligence claims and has a wealth of experience successfully winning complex birth injury claims. This, combined with the passion and determination of the team to secure the best compensation for those who have been adversely affected due to birth related negligence, has led the firm to focus its attention on promoting awareness of poor maternity care, types of birth injury claims and the support families can receive as part of the claim process.

The Focus on Birth Injury campaign sees Blackwater Law solicitors advertise on national TV for the first time, with the aim of highlighting that poor care during pregnancy, labour and birth does not need to be accepted. Additionally, Partner and Head of Blackwater Law Jason Brady, and Associate Solicitor Zoe Diss have put together an informative video, available on the Blackwater Law website, highlighting the different types of birth injury claim and their experience in handling this type of emotive case.

At the core of the campaign is the drive to ensure parents are put first and to increase the understanding of the types of birth injury claims that are available to them as well as addressing the vague question of what actually constitutes poor or negligent care. Whilst complex claims for cerebral palsy may remain one of the most serious type of claim, claims can actually be made relating to a spectrum of birth and pregnancy issues. This includes failure to provide treatment to the standard it should have been as well as injuries that mothers may have unnecessarily received during labour – such as perineal tears. Often people may not fully understand the concept of poor or negligent care and the campaign is focused on bridging this gap and empowering people to question the care they may have received or continue to receive.

Blackwater Law has also initiated charity partnerships and links with birth and pregnancy related charities, close to the firm’s heart. It is hoped that this can help further the support provided to the families and loved ones who have suffered themselves.

Commenting on the Focus on Birth Injury campaign, Jason Brady, Head of Blackwater Law said: “As a parent myself, I can only begin to imagine the stress and pressure families must feel if they have suffered from poor or negligent care during what is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of their lives – the birth of a new baby. Our focus on birth injury related claims means that parents who contact us can be assured of our expertise and specialism in helping to secure answers, compensation and even private medical care, to support their family’s future”.

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