Blackwater Law listed in Headway Solicitors Directory for 2020

Headway, the brain injury association, has once again recognised Blackwater Law with a listing in their Solicitors Directory.

Who are Headway?

Headway are a charity focused on providing assistance and support to individuals who have been affected by a brain or head injury. They also campaign to increase awareness of the effects of brain injuries, including their most recent campaign regarding fatigue suffered by head and brain injury survivors.

As well as being a national charitable organisation, there are dozens of local Headway groups run by volunteers providing support for both survivors of head injury as well as their families and carers. This support comes in many different forms, depending on the needs and resource availability in the locale. This could take the form of supporting social groups, to arranging activities, but always providing a positive space for those that need support.

Headway have also introduced the Brain Injury Identification Card. This identifies someone as having a head injury, and how that injury manifests itself for the patient. This card can then be used to show police officers to ensure the correct response and support is applied. This could be particularly useful to those survivors who have experienced changes in personality.

Head injury compensation

We have a compensation calculator that gives you an idea of the compensation you could be due. However, this is just a basic guide and once we know the details of your claim, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of your compensation for head injury.

Head injury solicitors

Headway’s Head Injury Solicitors Directory lists the leading firms with experience in dealing with brain and head injuries. Blackwater Law are proud to meet the requirements to be listed in this directory and we will be proud to help brain injury victims of accidents and negligence claim the compensation they deserve and need.

If you are looking for a head injury solicitor, then please call Blackwater Law to speak to an experienced and supportive lawyer for free initial advice. We can tell you if you have a valid case on which to base a head injury compensation claim.

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