Bristol Care Home Exposed for Negligence

After an investigation by Avon and Somerset police, Castlebeck, owners of a Bristol care home exposed for negligence, has suspended 13 employees. Four other employees of the care home have also been arrested.

The care home located in Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire, for patients with learning difficulties has been exposed for negligence and abuse. The shocking revelations came to light after a former senior nurse divulged how he was concerned that some support workers were not treating patients well.

After being informed about a possible case of care home negligence, the BBC current affairs documentary show Panorama secretly filmed the day to day activities at the Winterbourne care home over a five-week period and were shocked with what they uncovered. The footage shows patients being pinned down and mentally and physically abused, including being slapped, teased and degraded by being showered whilst fully clothed.

It comes to light that warnings made to the CQC (Care Quality Commission) were largely ignored even though the senior nurse who alerted the BBC to the suspected abuse had voiced his concerns to them. According to the senior nurse, it was the worst behaviour towards vulnerable people he had ever seen in his 35-year career.

Paul Burstow, the Care Services Minister has ordered an in-depth review of the roles the government plays (CQC) and the local authorities. Dame Jo Williams who is Chairman of the CQC said that it had been an ‘unforgiveable error of judgement’ in reference to ignoring the warnings of the senior nurse who had worked at the home.

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