Cancer misdiagnosis subjects mother to needless double mastectomy and chemotherapy

A cancer misdiagnosis can result in major surgery which can have devastating effects the patient.

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, the trust that runs Royal Stoke University Hospital, have admitted liability in a traumatic NHS misdiagnosis case which saw a 25 year old woman misdiagnosed with breast cancer. The woman underwent a double mastectomy and endured chemotherapy only to be told by her doctor that the biopsy had been incorrectly reported and she did not have cancer.

Due to the treatment the patient had already undertaken, she was told her fertility may have been affected. Fortunately, she was able to conceive and gave birth to her second child, although due to the chemotherapy treatment for her cancer misdiagnosis, she was unable to breast feed.

In addition to this, the patient has been informed that the breast implants she received following the double mastectomy now put her at risk of actually developing cancer in the future.

A spokesman from University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust said

“Ultimately the misreporting of the biopsy was a human error so as an extra safeguard all invasive cancer diagnoses are now reviewed by a second pathologist.”

A case such as this can lead to a patient receiving compensation for misdiagnosis. As this case demonstrates, it is not just the physical effects of receiving unnecessary treatment, but also the psychological impact, as well as the effect it may have on your future health.

Equally, a cancer misdiagnosis that doesn’t pick up on the disease can mean that treatment is delayed so that the patient eventually requires more invasive surgery, or in cases where the cancer is picked up at a very late stage, can result in death.

Making a claim for misdiagnosis can provide financial stability either for yourself or your family if you are no longer able to work, or if your current quality of life has been compromised. The claim can also cover anything that may affect your future, so it is important you get the right advice.

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