The Care Quality Commission have raised concerns over the care given to cancer patients at Colchester General Hospital

Colchester General  Hospital has had a tumultuous couple of months.  Since having been identified in the high profile Keogh Report as one of 14 failing NHS hospitals in the UK, it is now at the centre of another worrying and serious investigation.

The special measures hospital has been accused of manipulating cancer waiting lists in order that patients’ treatment fit within national waiting time guidelines. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) reported that staff were “pressured or bullied” in order to achieve set targets which meant changing information on patients and the treatment they were receiving.

The seriousness of the situation has meant that Essex Police is now involved in a criminal investigation. Their job will be to explore these accusations in depth and report on any evidence found.

Initially the concerns from the CQC were related to patients with urological cancers, cancers of the lower and upper gastrointestinal systems, and those of the head, neck, breast and skin. However, there are now 14 cancer pathways being investigated.

If you feel you have not received an appropriate level of care or have suffered negligence from the Colchester Hospital or from the Oncology department, then we may be able to help you.

Please contact us for further information.