Case Study: Matt Hampson

Matt Hampson is a former Leicester Tigers and England U21 international rugby player.

Now 28, ‘Hambo’ divides his time between raising money for spinal care charities, coaching youngsters and writing articles on rugby. The former of these is something close to his heart, and close to home.

In March 2005 Hampson was injured in a freak accident. A scrum collapsed and dislocated his neck, severing his spinal cord. Hampson was left quadriplegic, unable to move from the neck down.

Head injuries and neck injuries of this magnitude suffered by rugby players are thankfully few and far between, but unfortunately they do happen. Hampson now requires constant care and attention, and can only breathe with the aid of a ventilator. However, he still remains upbeat in spite of all that has happened. Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier this year, Hampson said, ‘We [Hampson and his family] always have a laugh because it took me getting paralysed from the neck down to get busy with my life. It took dislocating my neck to start using my brain.’


Hampson attributes his recovery to the quick reactions of referee and former paramedic Tony Spreadbury, the strength his family and friends gave him, and the loyalty and support shown by his club, Leicester Tigers. In his book, Engage: The Fall and Rise of Matt Hampson, Hampson is incredibly critical of the care given by the NHS and his treatment at the hands of the RFU – rugby union’s governing body.

Hampson was not allowed to become the figurehead for the RFU’s Injured Players’ Foundation when it was established in 2006, though nowadays he works as an ambassador for it, helping players who have suffered similarly traumatic injuries find the right help, advice and resources.

The poor treatment suffered by Matt Hampson is unfortunately a frequent occurrence in the news, and is part of why we at Blackwater Law have a team dedicated to your medical negligence compensation claims. We know how devastating such injuries can be to those who suffer them and their family, and with neck and head injuries it can often be a very fragile and sensitive time. It’s for that reason that our specialist lawyers are on hand to help with the head injury claims we face, no matter how severe.

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