Compensation claims for back injuries

When you receive an injury to the body, even if permanent injury is not caused, a resulting weak spot could then result in intervals of pain, or indeed ongoing pain.

With a back injury, this can cause periods of incapacitation where it can be problematic in receiving treatment. This not because of the area affected by the pain, but more to do with the level of support available.

Support and treatment from an increasingly overburdened GP service means it may take months to access treatment to help with your pain management.

Back injury claims

This is why it is important to consider making a back injury claim for compensation if you have received a back injury through an incident that was not your fault.

If your back injury was caused by someone else, making a no win no fee medical negligence claim or personal injury claim could mean you get not only initial treatment for your injury, but also ongoing treatment to help with pain management.

Back injury compensation

Back injury compensation can vary greatly depending on the severity and the cause of the injury. Our compensation calculator can give you an idea of compensation amounts, but please do bear in mind that every claim is different.
In addition to the injury you have sustained, you may be able to claim for ongoing medical expenses and loss of earnings if you find you are unable to work.

The back injury solicitors at Blackwater Law have many years of experience between them and can offer free initial advice to anyone looking to discuss their claim. Whether your injury has been caused by medical negligence or through an accident such as a road traffic accident, our medical negligence team can advise you on the best way to proceed.

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