Construction Worker Dies After Accident at Work

By Blackwater Law

Approximately 10% of the working population are employed in connection with the construction industry.

Whilst the country’s economic recovery means the industry is growing and more jobs in construction are becoming available, there are sites across the UK where construction workers’ safety is not properly considered by those companies operating and managing the site, leading to construction site accidents and injuries.

One such site was that of West Cumberland Farmers depot in Lindal-in-Furness, Cumbria, where on the 25th of October 2011, a construction worker aged 42 tragically lost his life after an avoidable accident whereby the man fell from an unsafe roof in the process of fixing some leaking tiles.

Working for Peter Mawson Ltd., it emerged the worker had stepped onto a skylight in the roof, which gave way and caused him to fall 7.6m (24ft). Sustaining critical injuries the man was rushed to Furness General Hospital where he later died. In a December 2014 hearing on the matter, Peter Mawson Ltd. pleaded guilty to corporate manslaughter and breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act by failing to ensure the safety of employees. Commenting on the case, HSE investigating inspector Chris Hatton is quoted as saying the following in relation to the company and its namesake founder:

“Peter Mawson knew the clear panels on the roof weren’t safe to walk on but neither he nor his company provided any equipment to prevent workers falling to their death. If scaffolding or netting had been fitted under the fragile panels, or covers had been fitted over them, then Jason would still be here today.”

As a result of the hearing Peter Mawson Ltd. was ordered to pay £200,000 in fines for corporate manslaughter, a further £20,000 for breaching Health and Safety regulations and £31,504 in legal costs.

In cases where a breach of health and safety regulations has been identified following an accident at work, which has led to employees sustaining injuries, it is likely that the individuals involved have a strong case for claiming compensation. As in every case of an injury at work, the level of compensation that might be payable is highly dependent on the exact circumstances of the accident and the impact on the individual/s involved, financial and otherwise.

Commenting on the incidence of accidents at work on those involved, Chris Livingston, personal injury solicitor at Blackwater Law, said:

“In 2015 it is both shocking and disappointing that cases such as this continue to arise despite stringent health and safety legislation and the existence of bodies such as the HSE. Employers, particularly those in the farming and construction industries must do more to prevent their employees getting injured in the workplace. It is sadly often the case that fatal accidents could all too easily have been avoided.”

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