Coronavirus and care home claims

With the number of coronavirus cases in hospitals now seeing a fall, concern has moved to coronavirus deaths in the care home industry.

There have been many newspaper reports surrounding the fact that until recently, care home deaths attributed to A&E have not been included in the daily figures. Considering that many people living in care homes fall into the at risk category, both in the 0ver 70’s category and also potentially those with underlying health conditions, there are concerns that an outbreak would result in many deaths.

How can care homes reduce the spread of coronavirus?

Every care home will have set their own rules according the government guidelines and the needs of their residents, but some of the following may have been implemented:

  • One of the first measures we saw was the temporary suspension of visits from friends and family to its residents. This follows the same idea of only those sharing a house being able to socialise together and helps to reduce the prospects of coronavirus being brought into the care or nursing home.
  • Day clubs which allow non-residents on site on a day to day basis may have been suspended. This allows the staff to concentrate on looking after the residents of the care home, but again, with less footfall coming through the doors of the care home, the chances of coronavirus being transmitted are reduced.
  • Some homes may have stopped admitting new residents, or their admittance criteria may have changed to included isolations periods.
  • Recruitment policies may have changed. This may include an increase in medical checks before a new recruit starts working in the home, to conducting interviews offsite.
  • Staff may have access to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which not only protects the staff member, but as it is expected to be changed regularly, it also protects the care home resident from coronavirus as it again reduces the chances of spreading the virus.

There are many more things that care home may be implementing to reduce the chances of an outbreak happening, and indeed containing any outbreak they experience.

Care home coronavirus claims

Nursing and care homes are doing their best to deal with a very difficult situation, but with visits from family not allowed, any death occurring in a care home is likely to be of concern as it may be many weeks since a family member last saw their loved one who has now passed. If you have any concerns surrounding the death of a relative in a care home, a specialist care home negligence solicitor will be able to help you with a care home claim for compensation. Contact us immediately to receive free initial advice.

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