Coronavirus to blame for delays in diagnosis and treatment of foot diseases

Coronavirus has had a profound impact on patients with pre-existing medical conditions. Many people have been subject to reduced or delayed services whilst the NHS prioritises the care of those suffering severe symptoms of Coronavirus.

One such impact has been highlighted by charity, Diabetes UK. There has been a surge of individuals presenting with advanced foot disease – which can have devastating consequences on people with diabetes.

Delays in diagnosis causing greater instances of severe foot disease

Clinicians have confirmed that there are higher than normal numbers of people requiring urgent care for advanced and severe foot disease. One reason attributed to this, is that more vulnerable patients, such as those with diabetes have either postponed their own appointments through fear of attending surgeries during the pandemic, or that routine appointments have been delayed. This potentially gives light to delayed diagnosis claims in certain circumstances.

Amputation claims

People suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to complications arising from foot ulcers and infections and these can quickly develop into advanced foot disease. Delays in diagnosing the condition can unfortunately lead to more severe treatment including amputation. As a result, one diabetes related amputation occurs every single hour in England. In instances where this has been a consequence of a delay in treatment, it may be possible to seek amputation compensation.

It is hoped that more people with pre-existing medical conditions are encouraged to seek early specialist help should any symptoms of foot disease arise, in order to avoid the need for more complicated treatment and to reduce the number of claims for amputation compensation.

In addition, it is vital that people living with diabetes are able to look after their feet, are aware of the early symptoms and are able to access resources to ensure they can manage their blood sugars, blood pressure and maintain healthy living.

Delayed diagnosis solicitors

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