Current NHS trust performance data now available in easy to read format

Blackwater Law’s NHS Performance Tracker is now the only place you need to look to find up-to-date, key performance data for NHS Trusts in England.

Compiling data for NHS trusts has been a minefield in the past – with multiple data sources and the need for consolidation if you are to get a true picture of how trust is performing. Well, all that data is now available in one place, in a nice easy-to-read format. What is more, when the NHS publishes new data, the NHS Performance Tracker is quickly updated.

NHS Perfromance Tracker

Along with the current CQC rating, a live link through to the latest CQC report and a brief description of the trust, the following data sets are included in the NHS Performance Tracker:

  • Number of Patient Safety Incidents & harm caused
  • Top 3 categories of Patient Safety Incident
  • Percentage of A&E attendances dealt with in 4 hours
  • Percentage treated for cancer within 62 days of urgent GP referral
  • Percentage of total beds occupied overnight
  • Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator
  • Number of cancelled critical operations
  • Number of cancelled elective operations
  • Percentage waiting 6+ weeks for diagnostic test
  • Number of mixed-sex accommodation breaches
  • Percentage of patients followed up within 7 days of mental health discharge
  • Number of Never Events and number by category

There is an explanation of these data sets along with the relevant targets or benchmarks for each category available for each data category.
There is also the option to sign up to be notified by email whenever the data is updated, meaning there is no need to keep checking back to see if the figures have been changed.

Ultimately, whether you are a patient or a journalist, the aim of this new tool is to make access to key NHS performance data far easier than it currently is.

“We launched the NHS Performance Tracker to provide the public with access to key NHS performance data in an easy to digest format. Previously, the only way to collate such a range of performance data would be to visit multiple NHS websites and try to locate the specific data that you were interested in and which is most up to date. Then you would need to download dozens of large and confusing spreadsheets and try and make sense of them. The data was available, but not in a user-friendly format.

Many Trusts appear to be underperforming and the NHS Performance Tracker shows key performance data for every NHS Trust in England, in one place, giving people a clearer indication of how their local Trust is performing.

Blackwater Law’s NHS Performance Tracker does not indicate in and of itself that patients of a particular Trust are receiving poor care, or worse care than that provided at another Trust, but where Trusts appear to be underperforming this can and may impact patient care in some instances.”

Jason Brady, Partner at Blackwater Law.


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The NHS Performance Tracker Data:

All data presented on the NHS Performance Tracker section of the Blackwater Law website has been sourced from the NHS Improvement or NHS England websites and will be updated on a regular basis as new data is published by the NHS. Owing to the process required to upload the data there may be a short delay between data being published by NHS Improvement or NHS England and this data being updated on the NHS Performance Tracker section of the Blackwater Law website.

Every effort has been taken to ensure the data on the NHS Performance Tracker section of the Blackwater Law website is accurate; however Blackwater Law has relied on the accuracy of the data as provided by individual NHS trusts to NHS Improvement or NHS England and then the accuracy of the data as published by the same.

Report a mistake in the data presented by emailing, providing a hyperlink to the relevant web page and a brief note to describe the error.

Neither any individual data set presented on the NHS Performance Tracker section of the Blackwater Law website, nor the data for an individual Trust considered collectively can alone be used to determine the difference in the quality of care being provided by individual NHS trusts.

Blackwater Law is under no obligation to provide this data to any third party and reserves the right to refuse to supply this data. Any party copying data from the website does so at their own risk. Content on the NHS Performance Tracker section of the Blackwater Law website, excluding data, but including descriptions of data sets (not quoted references) is the copyright of Holmes & Hills LLP, owner of the Blackwater Law trading style.


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