Delayed diagnosis claims may arise from hidden waiting lists

Waiting roomConcerns have been raised about the scope for delayed diagnosis claims and the potential impact on patient outcomes following revelations that more than 15 million people are on the NHS’s hidden waiting list.

The revelations come from Freedom of Information requests to NHS Trusts which showed the number of people waiting for follow up hospital appointments.

Delayed diagnosis compensation claims

The official waiting list released shows that 3.9 million people are awaiting their first hospital appointment following a GP referral. However, this official list does not show those already in the system and waiting for follow up appointments. In addition, in June there were 50,536 people waiting more than one year compared to 1,643 in January. This highlights the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic and raises concerns over the amount of delayed diagnosis compensation claims.

The Times reported that 15.3 million people were on the list, based on their Freedom of Information requests where one in seven NHS Trusts replied. By extrapolating the data by ascertaining how many people were waiting for a follow up appointment but were not captured in the official waiting list, known as the referral to treatment pathway.

Delays in diagnosis

The report does not highlight how many patients may have chosen to delay their appointment due to not wanting to attend a hospital or medical practice during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. However, it does raise concerns over the potential impact on patient care with some reports suggesting that it may take more than four years to clear the backlog of those waiting for treatment. Delayed compensation may be sought from those waiting excess times.

Responding to the increased waiting times, Professor Neil Mortensen, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England said in July “we have been concerned since the start of this pandemic that suspending elective surgery for a period of months placed a time bomb under what was already a crisis in NHS waiting times. That time bomb has denoated, with the number of those waiting more than a year for treatment spiralling out of control to the worst levels since September 2009.

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