Delayed diagnosis of ovarian cancer

close up of male doctor holding x-ray or roentgen imageA recent audit published by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service has brought to light significant data about the diagnosis and treatment of Ovarian cancer in the UK.

It emphasises the importance of an early diagnosis and the effect it has on subsequent treatment.

A delayed diagnosis for a serious illness like ovarian cancer can dramatically impact the chances of survival for the affected party.

Impact of delayed diagnosis

A delay in diagnosis for ovarian cancer is a prevalent issue and can be caused by the failure of a GP recognising symptoms which can result in further delays in referring patients to specialists for further testing.

Time is invaluable in the fight against ovarian cancer, with the chance of survival rapidly decreasing between stages. Diagnosis in stage 1 of ovarian cancer has a positive 95% survival rate past 5 years however this drops dramatically to only 15% in Stage 4, with the spread often affecting major organs like the lungs. An exact timeline isn’t known for how long it takes for the cancer to develop so a fast diagnosis is vital.

Delayed treatment as a result of a delay in diagnosis

The risk of the spread of ovarian cancer is the main consequence of a delayed diagnosis. Unless it’s caught very early on, the best course of treatment is usually surgery, depending on age and the stage it’s caught on. Some patients will have a full hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy to kill off lingering cells.

Even with a correct diagnosis, worrying statistics show that 1 in 5 women between 2016 and 2018 didn’t receive any form of ovarian cancer treatment and patients were much less likely to receive treatment if they were over the age of 70.

Compensation for delays in diagnosis

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