Delayed diagnosis the result of NHS pension row

Waiting roomA row about pensions is having an effect on NHS waiting lists, increasing the chances of patients being victim of a delay in diagnosis.

The row centres on the limits being imposed on how much consultants earning more than £110,000 per year can contribute to their pension. Essentially, due to rulings that have been brought in, consultants face paying significant tax bills on their income, as they face various restrictions on their pension allowances.

The resultant effect is that the medical professionals are sticking to working their standard hours, rather than working extra hours to clear backlogs. The effect of this change, is that waiting lists are getting longer meaning there is an increased risk of a delayed diagnosis for patients. This could have severe consequences for the NHS as this could result in an increase in delayed diagnosis claims, meaning the NHS lose more money in compensation payments.

The BBC has reported that waiting lists in England have risen by up to 50% due to doctors no longer willing to work extra shifts.

In one example, a senior anesthetist worked a total of 27 Saturdays last year, but due to tax bill they would receive, does now not work on Saturdays.
A report from the Guardian states that the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, part of The Royal Bournemouth And Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, had a total of 203 surgery sessions and procedures uncovered between 8th July and 27th July due to the fact that no consultant anesthetists were available.

The government have entered a consultation process to make the current system a more flexible one, but sources say that faith has been lost in this process.

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