Footballers at increased risk of head injuries

BrainA recent study jointly commissioned by the Football Association and the Professional Footballers’ Association has shockingly revealed that modern footballers could be at greater risk of neurodegenerative disease from head injuries than their predecessors.

The alarming findings will hopefully ensure steps are taken to reduce the potential of head injuries and damage as well as minimise the potential for head injury compensation claims as a result.

Current day footballers use a lighter ball than has been used historically, with the assumption that this helped to minimise the impact of head injuries from heading the ball both in matches and training. However, the study has questioned these assumptions and shown doubt that this helps to reduce neurodegenerative disease. In fact, it is believed that the current balls used are hit harder and faster which can in turn lead to increased injuries and cause lasting damage.

Brain injury claims

There has been mounting attention given to the potential for head and brain injuries amongst football players and recent guidelines have been issued to all those playing football, in any setting, in order to minimise the chance of an injury occurring. However, the study has looked at dementia and other neurological diseases amongst retired players and found that a risk of such conditions is three and a half times greater than among the general population. As a result, there have been increasing calls to help mitigate this risk and alleviate the potential for head injury claims that could have easily been prevented.

In addition, the study highlights the need for greater attention and care to be given to those that have suffered an injury on the pitch to help ensure those that need treatment can be given this early on and to minimise the potential for further damage. In some instances, players that have suffered mild concussion are remaining on the pitch to carry on playing, with little regard for the wider implications this may have on their recovery or the lasting damage this could cause.

Brain and head injuries can have a devasting impact on individuals and their families, with medical negligence solicitors Blackwater Law often dealing with brain injury claims for patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury from car accidents, injuries or events that have left them with life changing injuries.

Brain injury compensation

In some cases of traumatic brain injury, where the cause was not the victim’s fault, there may be the possibility to claim for brain injury compensation. In order to understand if you may have grounds to make a successful claim, you should consult with a specialist brain injury solicitor.

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