Gary Rhodes death highlights the fragility of brain injuries

BrainProving that brain injury can happen to anyone at any time, the tragic news of celebrity chef Gary Rhodes hit the news headlines a few weeks ago.

The full details of what happened has not yet been released. However, it has been confirmed that he suffered a bleed on the brain after returning home from a successful day of filming for a TV series. Doctors had previously told Gary that he had to be very careful following a traumatic head injury he received when he was 19.

Having been hit by a van whilst working in Amsterdam, Gary had undergone an 8 hour operation on his brain, which his mum had said was a life or death situation from which the doctors didn’t expect him to recover from.

The incident had left him with a temporary loss of smell and unable to work for six months.

Brain injury compensation

There was an outpouring of shock over the death of the celebrity chef, but traumatic brain injuries affect people every day. As Gary Rhodes discovered after his initial accident, there are a variety of effects a head or brain injury can have on a person.

Temporary or permanent loss of taste or smell are quite common effects, as well as mobility issues, problems with co-ordination, fatigue and speech problems.

In cases where the head injury was caused by someone else, such as a road traffic accident or hospital treatment that was negligence, you may be able to make a brain injury claim to help you make lifestyle changes that make living with your brain injury more bearable.

Brain injury solicitors

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