How Social Media is Playing a Role in Helping Serving Soldiers and Veterans

Here at Blackwater Law we are specialists in many areas of the law, specifically head and brain injury, clinical negligence, and armed forces claims.

We are a dedicated team, each committed to finding justice for our clients according to the law. The law is defined by those in positions of political power as representatives of the people – this is how our democracy works. However, a recent story on the award-winning news website Salon prompts a new question: how is social media helping those who have been unjustly treated?

The article rightfully questions whether social media affects change or simply reflects it, but there can be no doubt that social media sites are having a profound impact on society’s definition of lawful and unlawful behaviour. More importantly, social media has played a significant role in raising awareness for important events such as Armed Forces Day on the 29th June. The process of finding relevant information has been revolutionised in the last decade, but how does it work?

As post traumatic stress disorder has become more prevalent in the return of soldiers from combat zones,  so too has the legal help and support available to soldiers. One such advantage of the social media expansion in this area is that a soldier suffering from PTSD is now far more likely to find legal help through a social media post through a law firm’s Facebook/Twitter page. The advantage of sharing knowledge on this kind of scale is that your news feed adapts to information you find relevant, either through things you have liked, or posts you have commented on. With the sheer wealth of information available just from Twitter posts, social media sites have become hubs of global knowledge and refuge for people all over the world, and play an instrumental role in helping sufferers make PTSD claims.

Additionally, recent developments have seen soldiers who are finding it difficult to talk about their combat experiences in person are finding refuge through social media sites. The combined immediacy of interaction and anonymity of the users creates a wholsome, responsive environment that allows serving soldiers and veterans to communicate with each other and trained professsionals about everything from daily life in a combat zone to physical and mental health concerns.

Head on over to Blackwater Law’s Twitter and take a look at our most recent posts. If you know anyone who is suffering from the effects of PTSD, you can reassure them that help is always available, and that the world is now equipped to understand and treat this condition – all thanks to social networking.