Injury Claims in Schools

Recent reports in the news have highlighted the number of injury claims brought against councils following accidents in schools.

Freedom of Information requests which were made to Blackpool Council and to councils in Wales reveal the scale and range of injuries that can occur in schools.

In Wales, over £800,000 has been paid out in compensation over the last five years for a range of incidents, including the incorrect application of an ice pack for first aid which resulted in blistering, and a child pushed “playfully” through a window. 312 claims were successful, with more than 40 still ongoing. Cardiff Council fielded most of these claims, with 74 successful cases against them, while Newport Council paid the most in compensation; almost £250,000 for 44 cases.

Adult and child in playground

Meanwhile, in Blackpool, a teaching assistant was recently awarded £4,800 in damages after slipping on a child’s jigsaw which had been left on the floor. This is just one of the many recent claims, amounting to more than £45,000, which have been made by pupils, staff and visitors to the area’s schools. 36 accident injury claims were made regarding incidents in primary and secondary schools between September 2010 and May 2013. These include claims for slipping on ice, tripping on a manhole, and suffering injury through being pushed. 18 claims were made by pupils, 15 by employees, and a further three by visitors.

A similar report back in April highlighted the level of claims in Lancashire schools; 100 successful claims between 2006-07 and 2011-12 resulted in total payments of over £800,000.

The reports reveal a wide range of injuries in schools, many of which could have been avoided with appropriate training, maintenance or precautions. In these cases, as with injuries suffered in any other place of business which is open to the public, public liability claims provide the injured party with the compensation they deserve in order to get back on their feet. At Blackwater Law, our team of specialists can provide legal advice on any kind of personal injury claims, so if you believe you may be entitled to compensation contact us on 0800 083 5500 for compassionate expert assistance.