Care Home Coronavirus Claims

If you have a relative who has been affected by coronavirus whilst resident in a nursing or care home, and they have unfortunately passed away, Blackwater Law medical negligence solicitors are able to offer you advice on your rights.

Coronavirus has seen the world dealing with a virus on a global scale and while many on the frontline of the care industry have shown commitment above and beyond their job description, there are still people who may have needlessly suffered or lost their life due amongst other reasons, a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff, social distancing rules not being followed or a lack of coronavirus testing for both staff and residents.

The figures for coronavirus related deaths in care homes have not been recorded in their entirety and may not always be accurate.

Care home coronavirus claims

In some cases, coronavirus may have entered the care home due to processes not being followed correctly. In cases such as this, where there have been residents harmed by the virus, there may be a negligence case to investigate. While this will not undo the events you or your loved one have experienced, it may help the home to learn from the experience, and any successful compensation claim can be helpful for related costs such as additional care, or funeral costs.

It will be important to establish the processes that management established to contain the virus and minimise the spread of any infection. This will include looking at such things as the availability of PPE to staff, the availability and use of sanitiser, whether testing of staff had been implemented, the ability of staff to self-isolate upon suspicions of having the virus, testing of any newly accepted residents and the implementation of social distancing rules.

Any claims made in relation to care homes and coronavirus will need thorough investigation from a medical negligence solicitor to understand the process that should have been in place, and if any breech occurred, and thus, if a claim could be made.

Blackwater Law are specialists in care home claims and are monitoring the situation with coronavirus to ensure we are aware of any changes to the liability of all facilities around England and Wales. We offer free initial advice through our freephone number or online through our contact form.

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