GP Negligence Claims

GPs are required to have a broad understanding of a large number of medical fields, even if they do not possess specialist knowledge of any given affliction or disease. In theory, this means they can provide appropriate care for the vast majority of patients and afflictions, and make appropriate referrals to specialists where necessary. Sometimes however, GPs fail to provide even the most basic standards of care, with potentially devastating implications for the patients concerned.

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Making a Claim for GP Negligence

There are a number of instances where failures on the part of your doctor or GP may entitle you to make a GP negligence claim:

  • Where your doctor fails to diagnose you properly.
  • Failure to carry out sufficient testing to recognise the development of a patient’s condition.
  • Where it is not possible to make an appointment to see your GP or doctor and this allows your condition to go undiagnosed and untreated for longer.
  • Insufficient or inappropriate examination and analysis of said test results.
  • Failing to recognise the development of heart problems in a patient.
  • When a doctor fails to refer a patient to a specialist for further investigation.
  • Situations where planned referrals to specialists are not actually executed, or at least not in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Where a doctor or GP fails to meet their home-visit commitments.
  • Prescribing the incorrect medication.
  • Unsatisfactory record-keeping leading to the loss or obscuring of vital patient information, impacting diagnosis or treatment.

The above is not intended as an exhaustive list of all potential scenarios where you may be able to make a GP negligence claim. Any situation where the patient has suffered as a result of poor judgement, care or advice on the behalf of the GP may qualify as grounds for making a claim. Legal advice should be sought promptly from a specialist medical negligence solicitor in order to establish whether or not you or your family member is potentially entitled to make a GP negligence claim.

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