Military Injury Compensation: Military Personnel Involved in Accident During Army Training Exercise

A military training exercise taking place on Salisbury Plain on the 16th of June this year was thrown into chaos when two troop carrier vehicles crashed, causing “life-changing” injuries to 5 military personnel, including an officer and sergeant who had to be cut free from the wreckage.

The Army training exercise was undertaken in conjunction with Indian troops, who are also thought to have sustained a number of casualties. In total it’s thought there were 20 injured and 11 hospitalised, with 9 “walking wounded” successfully treated at the scene of the accident.

The most seriously affected individuals were positioned in the frontal areas of the troop carriers. 3 air-ambulances were dispatched to help cope with what were termed “specialist circumstances”, including multi-casualty collisions, with grave concerns raised over whether those involved will be able to make a full recovery. A number of rapid-response vehicles were scrambled to assist the injured servicemen.

This latest military training accident follows the case of a British paratrooper injured in military training exercise, during which one British serviceman was seriously injured and numerous others required medical attention after taking part in a US-coordinated training exercise in North Carolina, in April. These cases indicate the concerning regularity with which military servicemen and women are sustaining injuries, often of a serious and life-changing nature, during military training exercises. Many of these injuries could lead to a claim for military injury compensation.

It remains unclear exactly what caused the accident, with Inspector Steven Cox from Wiltshire Police issuing the following statement:

‘These vehicles were four ton trucks known as Newman SVT transporters, and used for transporting personnel. For reasons still to be established, there was a coming together of these vehicles – at least two.”

Commenting on the military training incident, an Army spokesperson stated:

‘We can confirm that there has been a road traffic collision in the Salisbury Plain training area. The British Army is supporting Wiltshire Police and South West Ambulance Service with their response to the incident which will be duly investigated.”

The training exercise was thought to have included 1,650 troops, the vast majority of whom came from the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade.

Such an incident may suggest that proper safety procedures were either absent, or not being followed adequately during the accident, and prompts fears surrounding safety precaution in general as regards to British military training.

Many personnel injured during routine Army training are not aware they may be entitled to military injury compensation. Based on the information reported, like those who sustained Army training exercises in North Carolina earlier this year, improper safety regulation could make the men hurt in this most recent incident may be eligible for armed forces compensation.

If you or a loved one have suffered army training injuries that arose from similar instances of poor safety management, of if you have concerns surrounding the topic in general, you could be entitled to receive military injury compensation as a result. To find out if you have a case for compensation, contact a qualified Blackwater Law personal injury solicitor today on 0800 083 5500.

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