Milton Keynes Hospital Denies Neglect

Milton Keynes Hospital has been forced to defend itself after accusations concerning the treatment of 82 year old patient Joan Parker have arisen.

Mrs Parker was admitted to Milton Keynes Hospital on the 23rd February after a fall in her home. Relatives have said that they had to feed her, that she was made to wait three hours for a drink, and she was not seen for days for a scan, despite exhibiting obvious head injuries.

Milton Keynes Chief Executive Joe Harrison said: “I am very sorry to the family for the fact that we did at times let down this patient. I have personally met with them to ensure we listened to them and improved our care.”

Milton Keynes hospitalMrs. Parker’s family are unsatisfied with the level of care that she received at Milton Keynes Hospital, and are deliberating whether to pursue a claim for clinical negligence compensation.

The hospital came under fire in March after a report by the Care Quality Commission failed it in all five standards of care for the elderly. Mrs. Parker’s daughter-in-law, Pam Parker, a former paramedic, said that Mrs. Parker required an immediate scan upon entering the hospital, but one was not authorised. A scan did not take place for a further two days, which was then not followed up with a second scan until two weeks later, which revealed Mrs. Parker had blood on her brain. At this point she was transferred to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital for an operation.

Mrs. Parker’s family also noted that she was given sandwiches to eat, despite having previously suffered with throat cancer that left her unable to eat solid food.

Mr. Harrison added that the hospital had “got that absolutely wrong” but had worked towards making “significant improvements” He admitted that: “We did not have the right systems in place to support every patient. We have that now.”

Falls and trips can often lead to severe consequences, particularly if a head injury is sustained by the individual. Fall claims can be made if you believe that the duty of care lies with your employer or business owner i.e an accident at work; should the fall be in a public space, such as shops, nightclubs or restaurants. You may even be eligible for a claim if you trip or fall outdoors on a pavement, crack or other locations.

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