Compensation for mix and match metal on metal hip replacements

It has today been revealed that patients with replacement metal hips could actually have different parts of their implants from different manufacturers.

Experts have highlighted the dangers of this, saying it could lead to serious disabilities.  This shocking news will undoubtedly lead to some victims wishing to pursue a metal on metal hip compensation claim.  It is a worry for anyone with a metal on metal hip replacement as patients often have no idea what type of implant they have.  It is also unclear how many metal on metal hip replacements are of the mix and match variety.

Surgeons are apparently “mixing and matching” component parts from different producers to make one hip joint. As the sections are not meant to be separated and used with conflicting parts, it is thought that debris could potentially break off, and enter the bloodstream.

The usual life span for a replacement hip is approximately 15-20 years.  Sometime ago, the Depuy make of replacement hip hit the headlines with allegations that they were likely to fail before the expected lifespan was up.

So far, ten patients have been affected with the mix and match hip joints, and inconveniently had to have them removed after as little as five years as the different component parts stopped working properly. Those with failed hips have required more surgery due to the pain levels they were experiencing.  In some cases activities that we often take for granted have been compromised.  For example some sufferers have had to have help with washing, housework and even shopping.

By chopping and changing the component parts of the replacement hip joint, it obviously creates a new type of joint, which hasn’t actually been medically tested as a stand-alone joint.  All new medical devices should go through vigorous testing before being used on members of the public.

Christopher Livingston of Blackwater Law commented that “patients deserve to know what type of implants are being road tested in their own bodies.  They expect life to get better for them after replacement surgery, not more painful.”

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