New mothers at risk of sepsis

A worrying trend has emerged amongst new mums giving birth by caesarean section.

New mums are removing dressings to take photos of their caesarean scars and posting them on social media. It is thought that in some cases, mums are worried about whether their caesarean scar is normal. Midwives at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are urging patients to keep their wound covered and if they are concerned about it, to speak to a midwife or other medical professional.

Removing a dressing from a wound, especially when the patient is in a weakened state due to surgery, can put the patient at risk of serious infection – even sepsis.

Midwife Melanie Lee, from Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said,

“Women who have just given birth and those who have just had surgery are at increased risk of developing infection already, so it is essential their wounds remain covered until a health professional says dressings are safe to be removed”

Despite the importance now being put on early sepsis diagnosis, the rate at which it can develop means that there are still cases where the condition is misdiagnosed and the correct treatment is not administered in a timely manner. In cases such as these, the infection can cause serious harm to the patient, such as internal organ damage, limbs requiring amputation and other long term health issues, and in severe cases, sometimes even death.

According to the Sepsis Trust there are 52,000 deaths due to sepsis every year in the UK. Of the survivors, it is estimated that around 40% have one or more cognitive, psychological or physical condition caused by the effects of the infection.

If you have been the victim of sepsis misdiagnosis then please call us and speak to a medical negligence solicitor about making a sepsis claim for compensation.

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