NHS Never Event – Wrong Site Surgery

All Never Events should be reported by the NHS trust managing the hospital in which the incident took place.

Overview of Wrong Site Surgery

When receiving treatment from the NHS, you may come across the term Never Event. These are incidents that take place, that should never happen. One of these incidents is Wrong Site Surgery.

The NHS considers Wrong Site Surgery to be an “invasive procedure performed on the wrong patient or at the wrong site (eg knee, eye, limb). The incident is detected at any time after the start of the procedure.”

From April 2020 to March 2021 there were 142 incidents of Wrong Site Surgery recorded.

Effects of Wrong Site Surgery

While all incidents are reported that could result in the patient being harmed, many Wrong Site Surgery incidents are reported before the stage that irreversible damage is done. However, for example, it can result in the wrong limb being amputated, the wrong organ being removed, biopsies taken from the wrong place resulting in both unnecessary surgery and a potential delay in further treatment, and of course, operating on the wrong patient entirely.

How we can help

Thankfully these incidents are rare, but if they do occur, and you suffer from the effects of the error, then you could be entitled to compensation. If you have had the wrong limb amputated, and still need the correct limb amputated, for example, this will impact your life in ways you hadn’t previously considered, and could mean you are no longer able to work. The same is true if the wrong organ were removed.

In such cases, you could be entitled to seek compensation for your inability to continue to work, as well as for the negligent surgery you received.

If you believe you have experienced Wrong Site Surgery of any kind, we can offer you free initial advice where we will talk through the detail of your experience in order to understand if there was negligence and you did indeed experience a Never Event.

If we agree to take on your claim, we will do so on a no win no fee basis, meaning there is financial risk to you.

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