‘No clinical evidence’ supporting mesh implants for hernia repair

The issue of mesh implants for hernia repair has been highlighted once again.

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has received hundreds of complaints regarding the mesh implants where complications had arisen.

This follows the 2018 vaginal mesh implant scandal where the use of the mesh implant was all but banned pending a review, following increasing reports of complications, pain and distress caused to many women who had received these implants.

The programme reported that there are over 100 variations of mesh implant available to the NHS in England and Scotland, which has led to fears over safety.

Hernia mesh repair clinical trials

It appears that the approval of mesh implants for hernia repair is cloaked in secrecy with doctors struggling to access the clinical data.

Indeed, a medical device expert from the University of Oxford, Professor Carl Heneghan explained that in many cases some of these devices have only been tested on animals. These tests are not lengthy, and do not test for pain – only if they cause a physical reaction.

He backed this up with information suggesting there have not been 100 randomised trials in this area thus meaning that it is not possible for all 100 variations on the market have been thoroughly tested.

Professor Heneghan recommends that just 2 or 3 devices should be used and only where the benefits have been proven.

The Royal College of Surgeons have responded by saying all surgery carries a risk but it is concerning when patients have a poor outcome or feel they have not been listened to.

“The Royal College of Surgeons of England is also campaigning to improve regulation and monitoring of new devices and implants. Together with the British Hernia Society, we are calling for a mesh registry to help track and understand the effects of mesh following operations.”

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