Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and this year the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK are highlighting the delays in treatment that patients are experiencing, by encouraging the use of the hashtag #demandfastertreatment across social media.

Pancreatic cancer is a very aggressive form of cancer and so early treatment is vital to ensure patients are given the best chance of survival. However, a new report by the charity has found that 57% of patients in England who are in stage 1 or stage 2 are not being offered surgery, which is their only realistic chance for survival.

Delays in a pancreatic cancer diagnosis or treatment can be extremely detrimental as survival rates in the UK are much lower than some of their European counterparts.

Five year survival rates for pancreatic cancer

UK : 7%
Belgium : 12%
Germany : 11%

The report by Pancreatic Cancer UK has revealed some startling statistics regarding the treatment patients in England are receiving. Currently 90% of all patients who are diagnosed with the disease do not have surgery. 25% of patients diagnosed with the disease die within one month.

The charity is therefore highlighting the need for a speedier treatment response to ensure more people are given the opportunity of life saving surgery.

Part of the proposal is to setup one-stop clinics where patients could have all tests in one go to establish their suitability for surgery removing the need for multiple visits to doctors and hospitals, and thus removing potential delays in treatment.

With such an aggressive disease, it’s important that there is an early diagnosis and that it is not mistaken for something else – both of which would delay treatment, which could seriously impact on the chances of survival.

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