Professional football clubs ignoring brain injury protocols

Goalkeeper with ballThe issue of serious brain injury in sport and the failure to protect payers, has again been highlighted by two incidents in top level European football.

In a match between Napoli and Udinese, goalkeeper David Ospina collided with a Udinese player and after a brief on pitch check-up, he was allowed to continue playing until he collapsed on pitch with no other players around him, over 30 minutes after the initial clash.

In another match, just a few days before, another goalkeeper, Lyon’s Anthony Lopes, was allowed to play on for 11 minutes after a collision with a Barcelona player before being substituted.

Both incidents serve to show that brain injuries such as concussion are still not being treated with the appropriate concern and caution within the top ranks of football.

The brain injury association, Headway, have highlighted this with Chief Executive Peter McCabe saying “FIFA’s protocols clearly state that if concussion is suspected – not clinically diagnosed – but suspected, the player should be removed from the field and not allowed to return. This is to not only protect the player from a secondary blow to the head, which could exacerbate the injury, but also to recognise the often-delayed presentation of symptoms.”
Clearly these protocols are not being followed by some clubs.

Headway are running a campaign to make people more aware of the dangers of concussion as cause of traumatic brain injury with their “If in doubt, sit it out!” campaign aimed at all competitors in sport, both amateur and professional.

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