Reasons you may have to make a care home abuse claim

Putting your mum, dad, child, spouse or anyone you care about into a care home should leave you with peace of mind, but unfortunately, sometimes incidences of care home negligence take place.

Care home abuse

Although it is rare, vulnerable people can be at risk of nursing home abuse. In recent years, we have seen a number of incidents where care home staff have both physically and mentally abused those in their care. In many cases, hidden cameras were installed by concerned family members to help prove the abuse. And in some cases, undercover journalists have spent time observing and filming abuse they have encountered, such as the Panorama expose regarding Whorlton Hall.

Pressure ulcer claims

Thankfully the majority of care home staff are caring, and our loved ones live in a safe and happy environment, and cases of abuse are rare.

However, in elderly nursing homes in particular, pressure sore claims can be a more common cause of compensation claims.

Where patients or residents are immobile for large parts of the day, or indeed all day, pressure sores can develop. These sores can be immensely painful and if not dealt with correctly, can become very deep sores and/or infected.

These sores, or pressure ulcers, develop due to patients constantly being in one position and pressure occurring on particular parts of the body. Where there is a risk of sores developing, staff should be aware of the need to turn patients to ensure they are not constantly sitting or lying in one position.

However, understaffing can mean that patients needing assistance, particularly those that don’t complain, may be overlooked. This is of course a problem of the wider care system, and not just limited to care home settings

Care home claims

There are may reasons you may be considering making a care home claim, maybe for some of the reasons cited above or indeed a completely unrelated matter.

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