Reliance on care homes increasing with dementia diagnoses

Diagnoses of dementia have increased by an average of 40% in the last five years across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is thought that an aging population and the desire for early diagnosis of this terrible disease are responsible in the increase. The NHS are encouraging the early diagnosis of dementia to ensure that the appropriate treatment or care is put in place as early as possible.

In many cases, families resist admitting their parent or loved one to a care home, as they want to be able to help them keep some semblance of independence. However, having to juggle employment and childcare with care of elderly residents can mean family members struggle to cope.

With this in mind, there is likely to be an increased burden on social care as family members seek assistance in looking after their loved ones.

Care home negligence

As the burden on care homes increases, so to does the risk of negligence. There have been many news reports concerning the staff shortages at nursing and care homes which are placing more pressure on the existing staff members. This can result in care home abuse and again, we have seen many reports of neglect in the news over the last few years.

Care home claims

Finding out your loved one has been the victim of care home negligence or care home abuse is something we all hope would never happen to a vulnerable family member, but when it does, it can be a very emotional time. That is why a specialist who has experience in proving this kind of abuse should be consulted.

Blackwater Law are specialist medical negligence solicitors and we have a number of lawyers with experience in making successful care home claims. We offer free initial advice and take claims on a no win no fee basis. If you feel you or your loved one has received negligence care, then please contact us immediately to discuss your case with a solicitor.

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