Road Safety Week 2018

It’s #roadsafetyweek and this year the focus is on keeping cyclists and motorcyclists safe.

The reason for the focus on cyclists is due to the number of fatalities and serious injuries sustained by this group when out on the roads. According to the charity Brake, when compared to other road users, cyclists are 46 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured, whilst that figure increases to a staggering 81 times for motorcyclists.

More than 60 people are seriously injured on our roads every day.

As cyclists have very little protection they are vulnerable to some of the most severe injuries seen on the road. It is not uncommon to see both brain injuries and spinal injuries in these accidents which often take years to recover from, if at all.

In many cases these victims are able to claim compensation for their injuries and potentially for loss of income if the injuries sustained mean the victim is unable to work on a temporary or permanent basis.

There are many stories on Brake’s website of how cyclists lives have been affected by lack of concentration from other road users, and indeed we helped Mr Bethell, a cyclist hit by a car, to claim £25,000 in compensation.

As traffic on our roads continues to increase, and with more people taking up cycling as a cheaper form of commuting, or to be more environmentally friendly, it is important the message gets out to all road users to be more aware of what may be around them and think ahead.

If you are a cyclist or motorcyclist and have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact us today to find out of you could be entitled to compensation. Find out how much compensation you might be entitled to using our personal injury compensation calculator.

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