Rugby star speaks out about brain injuries

Jon Wilkin speaks out about brain injury and the lack of knowledge over long term damage caused by concussion.

The former England and St Helen’s forward has said players will look back in horror once the full effects of repeated knocks to the head are known.

“In 30 years, we’ll look back in horror at what we did to ourselves.”

I think the medical world has got some way to go to understand what the implications of it are, the brain is such a complex thing.”

The rugby star who famously played in the 2007 Challenge Cup final with a shattered nose – a bandage holding it together – accepts that head injuries will always be a part of the game. While the effects of concussion are currently being investigated, the player is interested to understand the effect that the repeated smaller knocks have on the brain.

“It’s something I’m passionate about. One of the big problems is that we’re still understanding the ramifications of head trauma on athletes. I don’t think the answers are out there at the minute.”

Head injury claims

The essence of rugby has always meant that it is a physical game, but the effect of repeated blows to the head which can see a player knocked out, are still not fully understood. Another rugby player, James Graham, has agreed to leave his brain to science to aid the research into this area.

This applies to all manner of injuries we sustain in life, and could result in a brain injury claim being made.

A claim for head injury compensation can help to cover care costs, modifications to your home and loss of future earnings.

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