Sepsis cases double due to staffing crisis

A report in the Nursing Times shows the number of cases of sepsis have increased from 169,215 in to 2016-16 to 350,344 in 2017-18.

Sepsis misdiagnosis

According to the report, nursing leaders have identified staffing challenges as a threat on progress in this area, and the increase in cases can be in part attributed to improved training and tools such as the National Early Warning Score 2 which means that more cases re being identified and reported.

Staffing problems resulting in a shift being understaffed, increases the risk of early signs being missed and as such, a misdiagnosis of sepsis occurring. While the NHS are doing a good job of identifying the need for early diagnosis, it is negated by the staffing problems.

Sepsis compensation

There are many ways in which sepsis can result in injury to the body, and the compensation amount for a sepsis claim will depend on the severity. In the event that the sepsis infection is discovered early enough, it should be able to be treated with a course of antibiotics, and hopefully there will be no lasting effects. However, at the opposite end of the scale, if untreated, sepsis can cause death. Lasting injuries caused by the sepsis infection can include amputation and organ failure. If an injury has been sustained, then there may be case for sepsis compensation.

In some patients it can be difficult to identify sepsis, especially if they are already ill or recovering from illness or a medical procedure. However, there is now an increased awareness of sepsis within the NHS and there are now controls in place to identify sepsis in the early stages. However, in order for these controls to work, there needs to be adequate staffing in order to identify the early stage of sepsis.

Blackwater Law represented Mr Shaw who underwent an amputation of the arm above the elbow, due to misdiagnosis and we obtained a substantial compensation settlement on his behalf.

Sepsis claims

If you or a family member have experienced sepsis through having the symptoms misdiagnosed, you may be able to claim compensation. A sepsis claim is best handled through a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence as they will have expertise in dealing with the authorities such as NHS trusts. Blackwater Law are experienced medical negligence solicitors who offer free initial advice so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your claim.

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