Someone in the UK is diagnosed with a spinal cord injury every 4 hours

The number of people diagnosed or suffering a spinal cord injury each year is two and half times the previously reported figure.

New research conducted by leading spinal charities, Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), Aspire and Backup, suggests that the previous estimate of 1,000 people per year being diagnosed with an injury of the spine is a huge underestimation, with the true figure now estimated to be 2,500 people. This means that someone suffers a spinal injury every four hours.

The charities took NHS data as well as data from other countries to get a wider picture and not be bound by definitions of spinal injury within the UK. Using the combined data, they were able to extrapolate the UK figures to get a more realistic estimate.

In total it is now estimated that there are 50,000 people in the UK living with spinal injury.

There are now a number of recognised ways whereby a spinal injury can occur, and this extends from traumatic injury such as a motorbike accident. There are medical conditions which can be the cause of spinal injuries, such as Cauda Equina Syndrome or cancer.

On occasion there can be cause to look at if there is potential for a spinal injury claim if a medical procedure did not play out as intended. Or indeed the injury may have occurred at birth and as such, spinal injury compensation can be claimed. Such claims should be dealt with by a specialist spinal injury solicitor who will have access to many medical professionals to help prove medical negligence or prove an injury was avoidable.

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