Special Measures at East Kent NHS Trust

Serious failings in patient safety has put one of the largest hospitals trusts in England into special measures.

Approximately 750,000 people use the services of the five hospitals that are under the trusts umbrella.

Back in August, the Quality Care Commission had judged the trust to be inadequate and more recently, Monitor, the regulatory body that carry out the inspections also uncovered other issues such as safety, leadership and bullying.

During the inspections a number of concerns were identified such as insufficient staff in A&E, children’s care and also care throughout the night. The issues were not all on a human level but also buildings and equipment were highlighted as being maintained poorly. It is hoped that improvements will be made quickly by putting the trust into special measures.

An investment injection of £2.9 million has been used to recruit more nurses to plug the shortages and additional surgeons have been appointed. It is hoped that upgrades to appointment systems allowing greater flexibility and a new hospital situated in Dover will soon mean the trust is finding its way out of special measures.

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