Spinal cord injury hopes

DNA strandA molecule created by researchers has been shown to restore lost connections in the spinal cord and brain of mice with neurological disorders, raising hopes for those suffering with spinal cord injuries.

Research completed by scientists across the world created a synthetic molecular bridge to allow for neuronal circuit repair. The bridge helped where connections have been lost due to damage or illness. The trial was carried out on mice, who showed significant improvement in situations where there were neurological deficits, particularly those suffering from spinal cord injuries. In these instances, motor function was found to return for at least seven to eight weeks after just a single injection.

The news is a positive development for the 50,000 people thought to be suffering from a spinal cord injury in the UK. Spinal cord injuries arise for a number of reasons including falls, cancer, syndromes such as cauda equina as well as negligent care. In these instances a spinal injury claim may be appropriate.

Spinal cord injury compensation

The research, although yet to be tried on humans, suggests that in the future there may be scope for those suffering with severe conditions including spinal cord injuries to be able to restore movement. Spinal cord injuries result in the loss of communication between our brain and the rest of the body. The severity of spinal cord injuries mean that where negligence is responsible for the injury, people are likely to pursue spinal injury compensation to help support their lives and to make necessary adaptations.

Spinal injury claims

Generally speaking, the higher up you damage the spinal cord, the more movement and sensation will have been lost. The most severe is tetraplegia whereby movement is affected to all four limbs as well as the stomach and some of the chest muscles. However, the loss of movement and sensation will vary from person to person, even with those who have damaged their spinal cord in the same place. This therefore makes it imperative for the correct treatment to be provided on an individual basis.

Spinal cord injury solicitors

Medical negligence solicitors, Blackwater Law, are delighted that this recent research may provide hope to those suffering with spinal cord injuries.

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