Spinal injury claims and unusual circumstances

Spinal injuries are not only caused by catastrophic accidents, but there are instances of back injuries caused by unexpected events.

Road traffic accidents would probably be most people’s thought when asked the major cause of spinal injuries and resulting claims.

Spinal injury claims

In many cases spinal injury claims are brought against perpetrators of accidents or even medical negligence. The compensation claimed in these instances help the victim to adapt to life with a back injury, such as adapting homes and cars to give as much independence as possible.

Spinal cord injury for young woman who saved another’s life

This year a man was jailed for causing grievous bodily harm to a trainee doctor after he jumped off the third floor of a shopping centre last year and landed on the 22 year old, leaving her paralysed.

The perpetrator was found to be on drugs at the time, but regardless, the victim takes comfort in the fact she saved his life and has no bitterness towards him.

In saving a life, the victim has found herself unlikely to pursue her hobby of climbing but is still planning on continuing her medical career.

In a case such as this, there is the possibility of pursuing a spinal injury claim. A specialist medical negligence solicitor would be able to give you advice on this matter.

Blood clot on spine causing paralysis

In another unusual case, a young woman who had no prior symptoms developed pins and needles and a loss of feeling in her legs. Having been rushed to hospital, an MRI scan revealed that a blood clot had developed which had restricted blood flow to the spinal cord. The 27 year old had the clot removed but has been left without the use of her legs.

Spinal injury solicitors

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