Stem cell research ongoing for cerebral palsy

Currently the only research in a cure for cerebral palsy that seems hopeful of success, at least on some level, is that of stem cell research.

There are differing views in the scientific world as to whether stem cell research will end up providing the expected or required results. However, it is generally agreed that further research into this is required.

Cerebral palsy and stem cell research

It is hoped that even if the research into using stem cells to treat cerebral palsy doesn’t result in a cure being found, that it will at least lead to a treatment that reduces the severity of symptoms and hopefully improve the mobility of sufferers.

Stem cell transplant works as those cells can develop into specific types of brain cell, which can then stimulate damaged cells to repair themselves, or can create new replacement cells. The idea behind this is to replace or repair damaged cells before they become so damaged they cannot be repaired or replaced, thus causing permanent damage.

The studies are in the early stages currently, so it is likely that any positive outcome is a few years off. Clinical trials will also need to be conducted before any treatment developed from this research can be offered to the general public which will of course lengthen the time it takes for positive research to reach those who need it.

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Cerebral palsy solicitors

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