Stroke risk for Traumatic Brain Injury patients

Those that suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) are at an increased risk of a stroke for up to five years post-injury, a recent review has established.


The systematic review led by the University of Birmingham found that TBI patients are at an increased risk of stroke in the first four months following their injury, but the risk also remains significant for up to five years. It is hoped that these findings will ensure the appropriate management of those with TBI and encourage steps to manage those presenting with any initial symptoms of a stroke. This may in turn reduce the number of brain injury claims as a result.

What is TBI?

TBI is when the normal function of the brain is disturbed and can vary significantly in its impact. Those suffering from more severe injuries can require full time care and face multiple life challenges requiring extensive adaptations and adjustments. In these instances, a traumatic brain injury solicitor may be sought in order to seek compensation. TBI can occur for a number of reasons, however common causes include road traffic accidents, sports injuries and military conflict.

Over the years there have been a number of studies relating to the risks associated with TBI, however, this is thought to be the first investigation of its kind specifically into the risk associated with TBI and strokes.

The findings show that individuals who suffered a TBI are at an 86% higher risk of stroke compared to individuals who have not experienced a TBI. The research also highlights that the risk for stroke, remains regardless of the severity or subtype of the injury. This is particularly notable because the overwhelming majority of TBIs are considered to be mild and may not require ongoing medical review or investigation. However, the research could suggest that closer medical observation is required in the long term for even those patients who seemingly fully recover from a TBI.

Additionally, the review could imply that additional education needs to be provided to both patients and their care givers about the increased risk of a stroke both in the immediate period after the injury, but also in the coming years. Together this could help to reduce the number of claims for brain injury compensation.

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Medical negligence solicitors, Blackwater Law, have extensive experience in acting as brain injury solicitors for those impacted by TBIs and welcome any research that could help mitigate the risk of any further suffering or damage to both the patients and their families.

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