What is a Birth Injury?

Of all the injuries it’s possible to incur, birth injuries have to rank as the most devastating.

When parents visualise their future child, they picture milestones such as their first words, first crawl and first walk. If their child is the victim of a birth injury, these moments may be severely delayed, or not occur at all. It doesn’t help that in a large number of cases, the injury could have easily been prevented.

As Patient.co.uk reminds us, giving birth is fraught with danger at the best of times. There may be a clash between the size of the baby’s head and the mother’s pelvis (known as cephalopelvic disproportion or CPD); there may be malpresentation or malposition. The baby may go into distress. As a sensitive procedure, it should be handled with the utmost skill and care; a mother is forced to put all her faith in her doctor or midwife. Yet too many mothers are reporting criminal levels of clinical negligence. Whether they give a misdiagnosis before the birth or treat the patient incorrectly during labour, the results can be tragic. Although many injuries can be treated successfully within days of the birth, other babies are left with debilitating conditions such as cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy, significantly impacting upon their lives. For further information about cerebral palsy, consult the NHS website.

When a patient believes that their child’s condition was caused by medical negligence, they are understandably very angry and upset. They can feel that two futures- theirs and the child’s- have been snatched away through human error. In such circumstances, they may well believe they are entitled to compensation.

Since it’s naturally a sensitive field, birth injury claims should be treated carefully. By speaking with a sympathetic expert, the patient is already taking significant steps. Even if they go no further than this initial appointment, it may take a load off their mind that they can talk to somebody this way.

Here at Blackwater Law, our trained team have extensive knowledge of the birth injury claims process. Our in house expert, Terry Clark, has never lost a clinical negligence case that has gone to trial. We keep the client constantly informed by the medium of their choice, making them aware of all the facts and all the options open to them. We will fight tirelessly for what is right for them and their child.