When is cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence?

Happy child with cerebral palsy conditionWe take a look at examples of how cerebral palsy can be caused by medical negligence, and offer some advice on the next steps to take.

Causes of cerebral palsy

There are many reasons why a child can develop cerebral palsy but it is not always the result of medical negligence:

  • bleeding in the baby’s brain or reduced blood and oxygen supply to their brain
  • an infection caught by the mother during pregnancy
  • the brain temporarily not getting enough oxygen (asphyxiation) during a difficult birth
  • meningitis
  • a serious head injury

To determine if there was negligence on the part of a medical professional, you will need to speak to a specialist birth injury solicitor to discuss your concerns over the treatment. If you feel that your concerns were dismissed during the pregnancy, or there was a mistake made during or after the birth, then you may have reason to make a cerebral palsy compensation claim.

Why you may need cerebral palsy compensation

Cerebral palsy manifests itself in different ways to every person so compensation becomes a complex issue. It will very much depend on the severity of the condition as to the amount of cerebral palsy compensation you will receive.

There are considerations to take into account, such as lifetime care costs as well as any other needs that may present themselves, the fact that the person may not be able to enter the workforce throughout their life, and any other considerations that could be recommended by a cerebral palsy solicitor.

How to make a cerebral palsy claim

If you find yourself in a situation whereby you think you should make a cerebral palsy claim, you should seek specialist advice from a birth injury lawyer as it is a complex situation with lots of considerations over what compensation would be due.

Our specialist cerebral palsy lawyers will be able to guide you through the complex claim procedure and will support you all the way. Contact us now to get free initial advice from our specialist birth injury solicitors.

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